What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods rather than by drugs or surgery.  Physical therapy utilizes your body’s resources to help heal, strengthen and restore your ability to do the things you need to do and the things you want to do. Physical therapists are trained to identify movement dysfunctions and compensation changes related to a medical diagnosis. We rehabilitate through the use of correct movement patterns to replace faulty habits along with education on how to prevent further injuries.

What is meant by physical methods?

The application of the appropriate physical modality(s), specific joint manipulation and or stretching, creation of and instruction in a specific exercise prescription, instruction in ergonomics for reduction in wear and tear on the body systems are all physical methods utilized by physical therapy to enhance healing, improve motor and muscle control, improve joint motion, reduce pain, and/or reduce swelling.

Do I need a referral?

No, in the state of Kentucky, physical therapists are licensed to treat without a physician referral. Your insurance carrier may require an MD referral (Medicare & Medicaid do). Our office staff will be happy to assist you with that inquiry. Most private insurance companies allow you to come to therapy without first seeing your doctor.

Will insurance pay for my physical therapy treatments?

Insurance plans vary but the majority do cover physical therapy. Our office staff will contact your plan on your first visit to verify you have benefits and what those benefits entail. If in doubt, you can call the number on the back of your insurance card for specifics.

What insurance companies do we participate with?

We accept the majority of plans in the state of Kentucky with the exception of Cigna. We can check for you if your plan falls outside of the following list:

Anthem BCBS

Anthem Medicare

Anthem Medicaid



Humana Medicare


Auto Insurance

Worker’s Compensation

United Healthcare

United Healthcare Medicare






KY Medicaid

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call us (502) 493-3800. Or send us a message.

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    What should I expect during my physical therapy treatments?

    Your first visit will include an initial evaluation; education regarding your specific issue(s); a treatment plan proposal and your first treatment will be performed. Your first visit should last around an hour.

    What should I wear?

    It is best to wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for exercise. The clothing should allow access to the area to be treated. You may be asked to put on a gown depending on where your pain or problem is located.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Our average number of treatments is 9. This number can vary depending on the extent and type of injury to be treated.

    Will I see the same therapist every session?

    We have a close knit team of therapists and therapists assistants. Sometimes we share patients to give you the most of our combined experience has to offer. We will try to partner you with the same therapist each session and of course if you prefer one therapist over another we can ensure you will be seen per your request.

    Will Physical Therapy fix my problem?

    Physical therapy alone cannot diminish your symptoms. Physical therapy requires active participation from you in order to be the most effective. You should ask questions, voice concerns throughout the rehabilitation process in order to best understand your specific needs in order to manage your body throughout your life span. You will be given a home exercise program which will complement the work done here.

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